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Assisted Living Evaluation and Checklist Tool

Here is a checklist of things to consider while touring facilities. Stellar Senior Housing Experts Founder Corey Nelson and our staff use this tool when they take clients on tours of assisted living facilities:

Assisted Living Checklist Click Here (79 KB)

Alzheimer Association

Alzheimer Association provides resources and support groups.

Click Here

NM Aging & Long-Term Services

We’re here to assist elders, persons with disabilities, and caregivers to find services and resources to help them live well and independently.

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InnovAge PACE

InnovAge is a nonprofit offering a broad range of services for aging adults and other disabled individuals in need of care and support to remain independent in their homes and communities. InnovAge offers in-home care services, healthcare and day programs, care management, memory loss programs and affordable senior housing. Click Here

VA Aid & Attendance

The Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension (also known as the Veterans Improved Pension) is a federal program which can offer a monthly benefit payment from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Senior Care Associates: Click Here

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